Uniport Vice-Chancellor Confronts female student for indecent dressing

A female student was confronted by the Vice Chancellor about her clothing. Apparently, the Vice Chancellor felt that the student’s clothing was indecent, and he expressed his disapproval. However, the student responded by saying that she felt more comfortable in the clothing she was wearing. This sparked a debate about the dress code at the university, and whether or not it should be enforced more strictly.


The video in which the Vice Chancellor is seen addressing her has been widely circulated online.


The Vice Chancellor apparently saw the student on the university campus and felt that the shorts and T-shirt she was wearing were inappropriate. He said that her outfit was disrespectful and that it was not appropriate for a university student to dress that way. He also said that the university has a dress code which students should adhere to, and that he was disappointed that the student had not followed it. His comments sparked a lot of debate about whether or not the dress code was reasonable, and whether the university had a right to enforce it.


The vice chancellor in the video requested that her details/bio-data be taken. This stirred up a lot of reactions from students and viewers who understood the consequences that she might face.


However she was seen the next day dressed in clothes that showed a lot less skin. With some students praising the vice chancellor for his act of discipline and some others not seeing the need for the vice Chancellor’s actions.

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