Sterling Bank Supports the Nigerian Educational system with N15billion

N15billion has been disbursed out in form of monetary support to the educational system in in hopes of achieving a country with skilled graduates, who can be innovative and add value to the society.

Sterling Bank Plc has provided more than N15 billion in loans to students and school owners nationwide over the past five years as part of its efforts to help the nation create graduates who are fit for their respective fields.

Additionally, in the last 18 months, the bank trained up to 600 software engineers.

These details were revealed at a news conference in Lagos by Obinna Ukachukwu, the divisional head for the bank’s expansion.

Ukachukwu stated that rather than focusing just on acquiring certifications, as is the case in Nigeria, a city or nation that wants to ensure a bright future for its residents should train its people in appropriate programs and courses that may address social issues.

According to him, higher institutions in industrialized economies run on the premise that they would produce graduates whose worth will be far more than the expense of creating it.

He emphasized that this is why the bank’s module is also focused on innovations, alliances, and investments in initiatives that produce lasting value for the nation, the community, and educated people.

However, according to Ukachukwu, depending on the type of student and the school, Sterling Bank offers both low and zero-interest rates on student loans. Additionally, it is made so that borrowers can easily repay their loans.

He urged students and school administrators to approach any of the bank’s offices nationwide to request loans for the purpose of their education, noting that the bank has some working students who pay their tuition from the money they receive from their jobs.


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