Olamide Oluwatade A Nigerian Student Bags First Class after being Denied Admission into the University Four Times.

Nigerian Who was Denied Entrance into the University Four times graduates with a First class

Olamide attempted to enroll at the University of Ilorin in Nigeria but was denied entrance four times before being accepted to study Mathematics. She is now the sole female first-class graduate and the best-graduating student in her department, with an excellent 4.65 total grade point.

Olamide wrote a statement on her LinkedIn page recognizing her accomplishments and expressing how she was able to overcome hurdles while attending university.

“I graduated as the best and only first-class female graduate from my Department (Mathematics) at the University of Ilorin, with a cumulative grade point average of 4.65,” she claimed.

Olamide stated that her long-term goal was to become a doctor, but she was rejected admittance to study medicine and surgery four times by the university. She opted to pursue mathematics after four failed tries because she was good at it.

”Being a mathematician was the furthest thing from my mind as a child. Like every Nigerian child, I aspired to be a doctor and save lives. ”After four years of failing to study medicine at university, I opted to pursue Mathematics because I was brilliant at it,” she explained.


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