Information Technology as a Course of Study: Overview, Origin, Importance, Job opportunities and Related Courses

Information technology, generally referred to as IT is one heck of a course of study, which carries it’s own difficulty like any other course of study, but still thrilling and exciting to study.
Let’s dive into what the course is all about. Shall we?

This article would cover certain areas of the course Information technology, which would be highlighted below.
– A brief Course overview
– The Origin/History of information technology
– The importance of information technology
– Job opportunities that can be found after taking on this course of study
-Related courses to Information technology.


What is Information technology?
Information technology is a course of study that in simple terms deals with the management, presentation and marketing of Information using several technological means.

That’s how We believe it could be defined simply. Expounding on that simple definition, one could venture into several aspects of this course of study, such as networking, database management, coding, web development, App development, Data analysis, UI/UX design, Information architecture, Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics and the list just goes on and on.

Just at this point you could easily perceive how IT specialist are able to affect their surroundings. One could go through this rigors of four years in an institute of learning (a university) and not really be a jack of all the trades the course has to offer (Which is quite difficult, though nothing is impossible right?) but a specialist in some areas and still be able to add value. Its really that vast that it’s various trades are taught as individual courses in some institutions, for the sake of total mastery.

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One thing that would be common in every age or era is information, even in coming generations, there would always be information to pass on and assimilate, the difference would be how this information (was/is/will be) presented. That’s it! from the Stone age to the Babylonians and other great empires and civilizations information has been of the essence and how it was passed had changed over time till it got to a point in the 20th century when technology had developed, to aid the movement and management of information was it termed “information technology.

One could say it started as early as the invention of the abacus, down to the invention of the first set of programmable computers, then the internet, to the development of the first search engine, the boom of web 2.0 Where people began to interact on the internet, Social media apps coming into existence, responsive design and much more even up to this moment



Information technology obviously has so many roles in our lives, from our alarms on our mobile phones, to booking an Uber service for a ride, to paying for that service via bank apps or Mobile wallets and virtually all we engage in.

let’s look through a few of them with regards to the importance to the nation and the importance to our societal and personal development.

Importance to a nation: Information technology (IT) can really help fast forward a nations development. This is because It can be applied to problems occuring in every sector to get solutions and technologies constantly get outdated and upgraded. This is how innovative IT can be.
let’s look through some examples of Information technology used at the national level.
– Most countries handle their electoral process online, providing ease for the citizens of the nation and electoral commissions. This means of voting reduces the risk of rigging an election, and promotes a free and fair Democratic process, that allows the votes of the citizens to count.

– Information technology is also used as a means to secure revenue and taxes. Every online banking system is built on information technology and it’s is what allows for the seamless and efficient flow of money even in the form of taxes. The networking of various commercial Banks with tight security on their servers, with these banks located at distances from each other is another effect of information technology.

– In the area of medicine and health, information technology can still be found. So many medical equipments, applications and research database are built on the knowledge information technology provides.

– Information technology is also a field that creates job opportunities, through well paying jobs or self employment. This in turn strengthens a nation’s growth and development

– IT is also used in tackling cyber insecurity in a nation. With the development of IT in a nation, the rate of cyber crime would definitely increase, but also is definitely curbed through the use of the said IT in the form of cyber-security.

Importance of Information technology to individuals:

The importance of Information technology in our everyday life in the 21st century is honestly almost endless. This is due to the fact that almost everything we do on a daily basis is aided by Information technology (IT). From the services rendered through the servers of our network providers like Tellus, Rogers communications and Shaw in Canada. Vodafone, Telefonica, Proximus Telia Company acrros Europe Or MTN, Airtel, Glo etc in Nigeria to the wireless transfers that happen across the globe within minutes. Interacting with a web app or site to book an Uber, order a meal, stream a song, binge watch a series, gather information or whatever the case may be.
Video Games, social media apps and a host of others are all built on the back of information technology. Various operating systems for mobile phones (Android and IOS), Computers and other devices are created and designed using programming languages. It further extends to networking connecting various devices to work together for Effective communication in an office or area. Security measures like cameras, alarms. ATM’s are programmed to dispense cash, GPS maps are integrated into cars and other devices, auto pilot systems are integrated into different means of transportation. Information technology is just so necessary for getting through the day with ease.


There exists a plethora of jobs that an IT specialist could take on depending on their area of specialization, experience and knowledge in the said area.

1. Front end developer: They deal with the designing and maintenance of websites and web apps. They are most time concerned about how the user interacts with the site, the site’s design and style of delivering information

2. Backend developer: They work on the back end of a site(s). Popularly known as the server side. Dealing with a number of complex programs and instructions that allow the website run fluidly on the internet through hosting platforms. Passing information and collecting responses from the user and maintaining the site performance.

3. Full stack developer: This individual does the job of both a front end and back end developer.

4. UI/UX Designer: This job deals with information architecture for mobile apps and web apps. From the designs and, functionality overall use of mobile applications. Just to name a few.



Information technology is so vast that even courses under it are studied as a separate entity in order to gain expertise and understanding. Below are a list of courses closely related to Information technology.

1. Data Science
2. information architecture
3. Machine learning
4. computer science
5. Computer forensics
6. Database design
7. System analysis
8. Network Security
9. Library and Information Science
10. Artificial development

Information technology is a broad course of study with a ever increasing demand in its uses in our century which is still ripe for the picking. If you’re someone who loves problem solving and computers then you’re in the right place. Remember to always let your passion lead the way.

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