Ghanian Woman Janice Darkoo Becomes the First Black to Earn a Degree in Dentistry.

Janice Darkoo, a young African lady, became the first black person to ever receive a dental degree from the school of dentistry at the university of Utah (U’s) in the United States, creating a remarkable milestone.
Janice Darkoo was born in Ghana and immigrated to America with her family. She is presently a reserve officer in the US Navy.

Janice had a lot of responsibilities when she was accepted into the dental program at the University of Utah, including juggling her academics with her roles as a wife, mother, and reserve.

“I still have to go home because I’m a Black woman from Africa. I take care of my kids as I cook, clean, and be a wife. I possess each of those. I am responsible for all of those things, she replied.
Despite the challenges, Janice stated that she is proud to have her name listed in the institution’s history book as the first Black woman to complete dentistry school at the U.

It’s bigger than I am. It’s not just about me in this. It’s important to me to stand up for my community, she remarked.

The dentistry program at the school is still quite young, according to a representative from the marketing communication department. It’s only been running for around ten years. However, because the job is predominately held by white people in the United States, they are making sure to promote the curriculum to more black students.

As stated By Scholarship Region.

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