Geology as a course of study: Origin, Opportunities, Jobs and sectors

Geology is an applied earth science where the earth is studied as a system that results from the physical, chemical and biological interactions of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and solid earth.

The Areas this article talks about includes;

*The origin of geology
*Importance of Geology
*Job opportunities in geology
*Related courses to geology

Geology dates back to the 4th century of the Greek civilization, with scientists and philosophers observing the differences rocks and fossils of the earth surface. The Romans implemented the study of geology in building their Empire making heavy use of marble.

Though there was an understanding of the study of the earth, theologians and scientists had certain differences with regards to the age of the earth and how the different structures on the earth were formed. it was not until the 19th century when James Hutton propounded the law of Uniformitarianism, which allowed them to understand the past geological conditions using the Present conditions of the earth. Since then there have been major strides in the discipline and it has helped mankind understand and exploit there surroundings for it’s benefit.

Geology is very useful to man’s economy and environment. from helping to understand climate change and control, natural disasters, Discovery, Mining and use of minerals, Archeology and Production of Energy.

– Discovery and exploitation of minerals: The minerals gotten from the Earth’s crust surround our immediate environment found in our homes, Mobile devices, on our streets and much more.

– Climate change and control: Geology aids informs us of the past condition of the earth with the present information helping us to prepare and adjust for the future. Along side the control of natural disasters like landslides,

– Production of Energy: energy has been derived through geology in a lot of ways from the exploration of coal and the derivation of energy from it and other mineral resources like natural gas, Oil, petrochemical resources and the production of geothermal energy

A graduate of Geology can find a job in several economical sectors, and industries having a plethora of jobs to choose from. The oil and Gas industry is one of which recruits geologist as well as the Mining industry and spreading out to even the Agricultural and environmental sectors.

A variety of Jobs are out there for geologists but just to name a few.
– Mining Engineer
– Surveyor
– Environmental consultant
– Science Teacher

Some Related courses to geology include;

Engineering geology


Environmental geology

Structural geology


Economic geology



Applied science


Geotechnical engineering


Planetary science

Physical Geology

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