Library And Information Science: Overview, Origin, Importance & Job opportunities

What is Library and Information Science? Library and information science, popularly known as “LIS” Is a course that deals with information; it’s curation, organization, storage and dispersion. AN OVERVIEW OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE Library and information science though in ways relates to courses like; Information Science, Information technology, computer science and much more should…

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Information Technology as a Course of Study: Overview, Origin, Importance, Job opportunities and Related Courses

Information technology, generally referred to as IT is one heck of a course of study, which carries it’s own difficulty like any other course of study, but still thrilling and exciting to study. Let’s dive into what the course is all about. Shall we? This article would cover certain areas of the course Information technology,…

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What is Agricultural Economics and Extension? Course Overview, Job Opportunities and Earnings.

Agricultural economics and extensions is a course of study that is concerned with the production, management and consumption of agricultural products from crops to livestock by the use of research and skills in agriculture. Majorly aiding the country’s economy and growth.   COURSE OVERVIEW Agriculture is one of the necessary sectors that a nation thrives…

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Geology as a course of study: Origin, Opportunities, Jobs and sectors

Geology is an applied earth science where the earth is studied as a system that results from the physical, chemical and biological interactions of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and solid earth. The Areas this article talks about includes; *The origin of geology *Importance of Geology *Job opportunities in geology *Related courses to geology ORIGIN OF…

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